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News from the team

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

A glance at the absence of recent blogs might give totally the wrong impression as we have actually been auditing non-stop since the beginning of this year! We are always hard at work here at Just Audit and a steady influx of new clients and lots of new projects has kept us on our toes more than ever during 2021.

To help us continue to provide our high levels of customer care and good service we have promoted internally and we're also recruiting new faces to join our team.

We are happy to have Wendy Hung back after maternity leave. We are very pleased to welcome new employee Jowee Reyes who joins us as assistant auditor. And huge congratulations to Aidan Clarke who has been promoted from assistant auditor to auditor.

We will continue to grow our staff base as we find excellent candidates who are able to uphold our standards of care and attention.

Our work from home culture has stood us in good stead during the recent challenges. That was one area in which we didn't have to adapt. We already run a tight ship in terms of secure IT, systems and remote communications as we all operate from fully equipped home offices across the UK.

We have also invested heavily in ensuring our staff are happy and supported in their work environments - this was something we started a few years' ago, so again, we have worked well in these difficult times. We have our own, qualified mental health 'first aider' in Karen Lewchenko who is able to provide a first line of support to the team if needed at any time ( Mental health and taking care of each other is really important to the Just Audit culture.

We will be back with more news very soon!

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