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We produce an audit for the clients of our accountant colleagues but also we are asked to work directly sometimes too. Our neutral stance means we are trusted, relied upon and known for the way we make the audit experience run smoothly.

Our team is long-standing and so you are likely to see the same person return each year. This creates a relationship based on knowledge and experience.

Our processes are well documented so we can explain the process and ensure you understand the work we do, the parameters of our service and the results you can expect.

An audit is an annual event for clients but for us it is what we do all day, every day, so there is no fuss, no drama, no upheaval, just a statutory requirement fulfilled that provides compliance, information, intelligence and a valuable business perspective.

Talk to us if you are expecting an audit and we'll guide you through the process so you know what you can expect.

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What the CLIEnts say...

“We are part of a huge Japanese listed organisation and have used much larger audit companies, and even specialist audit companies, in the past. However I can say that the service we get from Just Audit is by far the best. We see the same people every year so they have a much better understanding of what we do. They schedule everything around us and provide a service that is effective and fair with minimum disruption.


I’d say Just Audit take a collaborative approach and help us get through our audit. Just Audit works with us and offers a fairly priced audit with an excellent level of work, useful results and meticulous documentation.”

Simon Ashley, Managing Director, Lighthouse UK Ltd

“Thanks Rachel, a painless process as ever.

Thank you for your help and feedback, which is valued.”

Sarah Lacy, Director and travel solicitor

Serenity Trusts

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