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Rachel joins the panel at Inflo webinar

Just Audit's Rachel Davis recently took part in a webinar hosted by Inflo. Rachel talks about how Just Audit embraces technology and how it is used to the benefit of the team and Just Audit clients on a daily basis.

As the Just Audit team all operate from their home offices up and down the UK, Inflo has proved essential as part of the company's evolving culture of integrated working, effective communications and impeccably high standards of practice.

The 3 main areas that Rachel cited as beneficial are:

Workflow portal - it provides an easy and simple way to securely communicate. An unsolicited comment from a Big 4 accountant highlighted the fact that the collaboration aspect of Inflo was superior to anything else they had used.

Preliminary analytical review - this offers a granular level of information that surpasses any other similar system. It will alert you to anything unexpected and colour codes items accordingly to flag up any potential issues.

Journals testing - Inflo selects samples in a totally different way to expectations - Rachel's presentation provides two such examples.

Rachel also outlines other ways in which Inflo works well for Just Audit so it's well worth listening to (and watching!). Access the webinar below. It's 30 mins long but Rachel is just 9 minutes right at the start!

Notes from Inflo on its Top 5 most popular benefits

Here are our top 5 examples of how Inflo might help you too:

Client collaboration – do you spend too much time chasing information from your client? Or monitoring what you have versus what you asked for? Move to structured, transparent and accountable client collaboration and take control.

Anomaly detection and fraud – if you’re drowning in Excel files trying to filter and sort for potential anomalies, you’re unlikely to find anything of interest or value. Use instant visualization and AI detection to find the transactions which warrant your attention.

Understanding your client – comparing numbers for last year to this year creates questions for your client. You’re not adding value. Instead, answer your own questions by exploring your client’s activities. Then have a more engaging client conversation.

Client reporting – are your reporting outputs something your client looks forward to receiving? Do they bring to life the value of your work? Use new insights and advanced visualization to wow your client.

Data ingestion – providing more innovative services is reliant on data. You might have experienced this spending hours, even days, extracting data from clients and preparing it. Or you might have never tried before. No matter – we have your back. We’re the only solution worldwide to ingest 100% of transactions from 100% of accounting systems, without you having to lift a finger.

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