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We have long-standing, trusted relationships with many UK accountancy firms. We work together well as there is a common aim in supporting clients through their audit. However our complete independence gives assurance to both accountants and their clients that we are impartial and neutral.


We also work in harmony as there is no conflict of interest. We don't offer accountancy services. Our accountant colleagues don't offer audit. It's a marriage made in heaven! Our clients benefit from two sets of experienced, interested parties, each bringing their skills to benefit their business.


If you are an accountancy firm thinking of outsourcing your audit services, please get in touch with us for an initial discussion. We can also put you in touch with the accountants we work with so you can hear what they have to say about us too.

What the accountants say...

"We have engaged Rachel at Just Audit for at least three years for two different audit clients. We both employ a similar approach to our working practices so our clients appreciate the dynamic of the relationship – it’s wholly independent but has a sense of consistency.


Rachel is always positive and there is never any panic or hassle, just a well-organised audit, even under the pressure of deadlines. Whilst working through the current pandemic there have been more considerations with a potential to create delays but we still received a completely calm and professional service.


On a practical note, Just Audit uses Inflo software that we find straightforward to use and means we are easily able to respond to requests for information online. Their fees are also extremely competitive."


Lisa Carr

Freeman Carr Accountants

“I am the accountant for my husband’s cycle business which is small but, as a subsidiary of a large Dutch parent company, it needed a statutory audit. I worked closely with Rachel Davis, MD of Just Audit, to complete it at quite short notice. 


I have to say that this is one of very few occasions where a supplier has exceeded my expectations. Rachel humanised the process, involving me and helping me through it. By the end I understood our accounting software a lot better! Rachel worked with me, gave me confidence and managed the whole process in a supportive way.


I never thought I would say this but I am actually looking forward to next year’s audit. It was painless, incredibly helpful and I would thoroughly recommend Rachel and Just Audit

Lesley White

LSD Accountants

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