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Team training days at WFH practice Just Audit

We often get together as a whole team to be sociable, share news and updates and work jointly in the same room on a project or two. Sometimes we focus on fun, team-building activities (more of that in a future article) and other times, like at our most recent meeting, we are centred on training and audit-specific development.

2023 saw us enjoy training to get the most from our audit software, ‘MyWorkPapers’, and also make Root Cause Analysis the focus of another session.

In terms of software training we’d always advocate for investing time in exploring whatever you use, no matter how long you’ve used it or how well you think you know it. It’s amazing how much more there always is to discover!

Root Cause Analysis

We’ve been carrying the theme of RCT throughout our working days at Just Audit since we attended a course hosted by experts Sologic, an international consultancy who put RCT at the heart of their culture. It’s interesting to take the time to look at different ways to approach challenges – and it certainly yields rewards in terms of achieving new and more effective work practices.

Our website has a section dedicated to RCT and we’ve included the articles in our monthly client newsletters over the last few months. We find it works best if we integrate our training content into a wider theme so we can examine it from all angles and pull best practices from it for our audit processes and work life generally.

"Attending a training course and learning to tick a box or to occupy our minds for a few hours isn’t of interest to us – we want more from our time together"

If you visit the RCT page you’ll see parts 1 to 10 of a series that covers all kinds of thought-provoking information. ‘Don’t stop at a single cause’; ‘Build the stamina to fail’ and ‘Solve the right problem’ are all examples of the articles we’ve put together, based on original content from Sologic. It’s fascinating stuff and can also be adapted for every part of our lives. We think that’s the best kind of personal development – to make it an intrinsic part of who we are, not just something to trot out now and then in a work environment.

Getting us all together is no mean feat! We all work from home (and always have since Just Audit began in 2006) which makes it easier for us to cover the whole UK. We provide a complete home office set up for every member of the team, from multiple screens, ergonomic chairs and state-of-the-art technology, software and equipment. Getting together is usually done via Zoom/Teams, email and the phone on a daily basis but there’s no substitute for our face-to-face days. The photo above shows almost all of us. Julie Thickpenny, our audit support, was on holiday – but otherwise this is us!

Working together is part of the Just Audit experience. Our team is loyal and long-standing so we are able to develop excellent relationships both with each other and our clients. Our training days are a most valuable way of perpetuating the benefits of a happy group of professionals who know and understand each other well, despite the miles!

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