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Why consider audit as a career?

Unless you have worked in audit, at any level, you might have some preconceptions or simply not realise what the service provides and what an auditor role represents. Just Audit invites you to challenge your thinking and understand the many dimensions of a career in audit. If you’re passionate about adding value to clients’ businesses; interested in how businesses work; like analysis and detail; and value being part of something meaningful with tangible outcomes, this might be for you.

What service do we provide?

A good quality audit is the cornerstone of many successful businesses: highlighting potential business risks to the directors, and identifying potential issues before they become big problems. An audit also gives a business additional credibility, building confidence and trust in the accounts, which filters into the whole economy. Clients value a fresh set of eyes on the inner workings of their business-critical systems and controls that the independence and objectivity of an auditor brings. During an audit, we really get under the skin of the business, gaining a deep understanding of how it works, where the potential issues are, and how they could be solved – this all feeds into our detailed report to management. We also actively encourage and assist directors in looking forward as part of their going concern review. It’s rewarding and always interesting.

What does being an auditor entail?

We spoke to some of the Just Audit team and they believe that there are a few attributes you need, including:

· being analytical, with an enquiring mind

· having an ability to enjoy the detail as well as being able to see the bigger picture

· having an interest in how different businesses work

· being able to develop professional relationships

· an enjoyment of seeing a project through from beginning to end

· an appreciation of accounting, finance and figures

“As an assistant manager, I speak with all sorts of people, both here and across the world. I might be talking to the CFO of a multi-billion dollar company or the owner of a business here in the UK. I really enjoy understanding a business to the level that we get infected by their passion for what they do!” explained Rachel Snow, Assistant Manager at Just Audit. “Every client is unique and so the challenge is different each time. The variety of sector, personalities, business models and processes keeps it interesting and enjoyable.”

Is there a clear career path?

It’s possible to work at every level within audit – from a new starter assistant auditor through to director level and everything in between. It’s also worth knowing that the skills you learn along the way are completely transferable so you’re able to make career moves into a number of management, financial and accountancy roles using the knowledge and acumen you acquire as an auditor. It’s a respected profession and one of the cornerstones of the finance and business community.

You can also choose how ambitious you want to be and align your career path with that. For some, the methodical discipline of a job well done is enough. For others, forging ahead and running your own audit and being completely responsible is the goal. Working with a business like Just Audit, it is possible to find the place that suits you best. And, of course, you can shape your role to suit different life stages, especially if you have a flexible employer like Just Audit.

“We work closely as a team to solve issues as they arise” explained David Fletcher, Senior Manager. “The team know that audit quality is our overriding concern, and take great satisfaction in working together to deliver great service to the client.”

For more technical information on the role of an auditor, the ICAEW site is useful.

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