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The lighter side of teamwork at Just Audit

As an original work-from-home business, the Just Audit team has great daily communication with each other using the usual audio and visual platforms. However nothing beats getting together in person and this year we have managed to organise quite a few different kinds of face-to-face sessions where we have strengthened the team bond even further.

As well as our recent training day we also had a more informal session where we were treated to our own version of TV game show ‘Minute to win it’; and a GPS iPad Treasure Hunt in Derby; both organised for us by event specialists Eventurous. It was great fun and meant that the whole team was able to interact, which was especially useful for those team members who might not have worked directly with each other before. This was not a typical day in the life of a ‘Just Auditor’ but it was very welcome and we laughed a lot.

During the summer months our teams got together in smaller groups and, despite a lot of the photos having been taken in bars and restaurants, there was also sight-seeing, walks and other activities in various cities and towns across the UK including Harrogate, London, Nottingham, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Derby and Lincoln!

“I have encouraged everyone to spend some time together this year” explained Rachel Davis, Just Audit MD. “We’re a cohesive team and, post-pandemic, it is important that we maintain this level of interaction with each other. Our city get-togethers took place with just a few of the team at a time so that our service levels weren’t disrupted. We planned them over a series of dates with most of our people managing to get to at least one of them.”

At Just Audit we put family first. This is a deeply embedded part of the culture. However we do also embrace a family atmosphere within the workplace where we look after and support each other. We know that there is always someone to talk to or seek help from if we need it.

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